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illustrate that connections to the websites of the World Economic Forum, the Organization of American States (OAS), and an online-dating site (pof.com) failed consistently from Zambia’s MTN network across the testing period, while failure rates from control vantage points were below 1%, indicating that these sites might have been blocked.Pornography and sites supporting LGBT dating also appeared to be inaccessible throughout the testing period, and such blocking can potentially be legally justified under Zambia’s aimed at identifying “middle boxes” capable of performing internet censorship, did not reveal the presence of censorship equipment.However, this does not mean that censorship equipment is not present in the country, but just that these particular tests were not able to highlight it’s presence.Zambia is , conducted a study to examine whether internet censorship events occurred during the election period.This study was carried out through the collection of network measurements from a local vantage point in Zambia, based on a set of designed to examine whether a set of websites were blocked, and whether systems that could be responsible for internet censorship and surveillance were present in the tested network (MTN Zambia).The aim of this study is to increase transparency about potential internet controls in Zambia which might have interfered with the democratic process of elections.

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Unlike most of its neighbors, Zambia is appear to include some of the factors that led to Zambia’s transition to a multi-party democracy and presidential system in 1991.

Zambia has since held a number of general elections within this new framework.

This, however, was almost disrupted by another of the population are Roman Catholic, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu and Bahá’í.

Despite the presence of diverse ethnic and religious groups, civil war has been prevented in the country.

Xenophobic violence however has been an issue, recently resulting in the people are estimated to be living with HIV/AIDS.

Zambia was one of the first countries in Sub-Saharan Africa to adopt the internet, when satellite and dial-up technology were installed at the University of Zambia in the early 1990s.

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