Are shane and danielle from bb14 dating

12-Oct-2018 04:07

Since the feeds are down for the evicition and HOH tonight, I’ve taken the liberty of taking everything Danielle has shared about herself and creating her autobiography.

Here is Danielle’s life story in (mostly) her words.

And just like that Danielle Alexis Murphree fell from the heavens and landed in Alabama.

Dani’s father was not much help either as he was a drunk Marine-Preacher who would try to teach her to swim by throwing her in the deep end of the pool screaming “Sink or Swim, Sweetcheeks.” Poor Dani nearly drowned in that cement pond in Alabama many, many times.

That doesn’t even include the time that she and her Daddy were down at the swamp hunting alligators and Dani fell and broke her back.

Her Daddy threw her over his shoulder and carried her home where the back magically healed itself.

When times were hard, Dani would retreat to the three-story tree house her Daddy built for her in the backyard and practice her poses in the many mirrors she kept there.

Sometimes she would just sit in her treehouse staring into her mirrors and thinking of happier times, like back when her great grandfather invented laundry detergent.It was that invention that made her entire family very wealthy and allowed Danielle to buy all the make-up she could ever want.Things were not any easier for Dani when she went to school.She was frequently whipped and spanked and paddled during her elementary years by the evil overlords.

Nov 27, 2012. Danielle Murphree BB14 tells Britney Haynes that she just did something really sweet for her. Then she tells her lies. Here is. If y'all want to know who i am truly close with in the house then you obviously know that i am extremely close to Dan, Shane, and Britney. Those 3 really mean the world to me and i.… continue reading »

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BB14 Shane Meaney and Danielle Murphree think the live feed viewers are comparing them to Jeff and Jordan. 7/28 p. more. Publication date 10/13/2012; Duration ; Category Movies. Dailymotion; About · Press · Jobs · Blog · All videos. Participate; Advertise · Monetize. Help; Age Gate ON; Help Center.… continue reading »

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Sep 8, 2013. Rob brings up the friendship bracelet that tied McCrae and GM together and asks who least likely she would want to be chained to with from Big Brother 14. Rob asks Danielle about developments between Shane and herself after BB14. Danielle did visit Shane and stay in Vermont until around December.… continue reading »

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