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14-Mar-2019 12:37

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When i got married,my husbnd told me before marriage that he was an atheist.

I didnt think too much of it as my faith was also on shaky grounds.

And i thought maybe i could change him(his parents are muslims).

Then the year after marriage saw me not believing in Allah at all and sometimes believing in him,but my Imaan was not very strong.

Then i started having problems with his parents,and my parents advised me to trust Allah and pray to Him. If it is how do I make him understand,as he says that the important thing is our hearts should be clean. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) encouraged us to marry those who are religiously-committed, because basically women are weak and may change their beliefs and thoughts and even their religion for the slightest reason.

Alhamdu lillahh I started praying,cos maybe somewhere deep inside me I knew Allah exists. This made me realise how unpredictable our lives are and have Alhamdulillah become a firm believer. Though he believes there is Allah and Prophet Muhammad()is his messanger,he doesnt think it important to live by what he has taught us. It doesnt matter if we drink or gamble or do anything. So you should not have even considered marrying one whose religious commitment was not great, let alone marrying one who has no religious commitment at all, on the grounds that you would be able to guide him.

Marriage to an atheist is invalid and the marriage contract is basically null and void.

It is not permissible for a woman who believes in Allaah and the Last Day to enter into such an invalid marriage on the grounds that this man may possibly be guided after marriage.

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Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning): “O you who believe!When believing women come to you as emigrants, examine them; Allaah knows best as to their Faith, then if you ascertain that they are true believers send them not back to the disbelievers.They are not lawful (wives) for the disbelievers nor are the disbelievers lawful (husbands) for them.But give them (disbelievers) that (amount of money) which they have spent (as their Mahr) to them.