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This means that resources are represented as JSON dictionaries and you use a different HTTP verb to do your standard CRUD operations on them: POST: Create new resources. Before you can make requests to the API, you need to support our authentication protocol.

Currently the AWeber API does not support Campaigns, which is an email automation platform available to customers within the AWeber web platform.

Within this document, campaigns is a generic term that refers to both Broadcast and Follow Up messages.

We currently require all API requests to use the OAuth 1.0a authentication protocol.

We recommend that you start out by visiting our Getting Started Guide.

This will walk you through the authentication process.

We also have client libraries in PHP, Python, and Ruby to help you get started quickly.

If you know the basics of OAuth and don't wish to use our client libraries, you can find more technical details on our use of OAuth here.

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API resources are arranged in the AWeber API based on their relationships to each other.

We illustrate these relationships on the map above with the URLs of the resources.

When we refer to the relationships of the resources, we say an Account has Lists, a List has Subscribers, etc.

We can also say Subscribers belong to a List, or Lists belong to an Account, and so on.

A single resource is referred to as an Entry and is shown as a yellow circle on the map.Entries are contained in Collections which are shown as a blue box on the map.These resources are contained under version '1.0' of the API.You can find reference documentation on each Entry and Collection below.