Baby dating ultrasound

17-Nov-2018 16:38

All of our sonographers are qualified with diagnostic obstetric and General ulltrasound scanning experience, and are accredited by either the Health Professional Council, The General Medical Council, Society of Radiographers or Royal College of Midwives and work within the NHS alongside their role with Ultrasound Partners Ltd.The 3D and 4D scan opens up a whole way to experience, share and cherish the joy of your new family addition. 4D refers to ‘real time’ moving of your unborn baby and 3D images are still images.During the scan we examine each part of the fetal body, measure fetal growth, determine the position of the placenta and assess the amount of amniotic fluid.Special attention is paid to the brain, face, spine, heart, stomach, bowel, kidneys and limbs.Some obstetricians advise that this scan is offered to all women.Others reserve such scans for those women who have had previous complications of pregnancy such as pre-eclampsia, growth restriction, diabetes, stillbirth, and for those women who develop a problem during the course of their current pregnancy.

This is to reassure you and end the uncertainty of not knowing how your pregnancy is faring.This scan may be done using a probe placed inside the vagina, instead of the usual abdominal scanning equipment.Most women would not be offered this scan but if your doctor has referred you for a scan it will be covered by Medicare.It's natural to feel a little anxious about having a vaginal scan.