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Ever wonder what men are thinking about in their pursuit of online dating? Alex Stein: e H: Do you prefer to text or call someone you met online to get to know her better? A lot of times, I don’t use a gimmick, I just say straight up, “Look, I don’t think this is working. MP: I would say texting is probably safer these days, just because when you get on the phone, it is a lot more personal. Some guys may be into that, but I would just like to see you being normal, smiling and enjoying yourself. MP: I think my preference is drinks, and if a girl doesn’t drink, maybe coffee. I have never had to bounce out of a date, or go to the restroom and then just leave type of thing.

Are they actually looking for love and a life partner? AS: I prefer to call but, in my experience, texting works better. There is not some girl I am going to be intimidated or nervous to meet. If you don’t have much in common, you have to feel your way through the whole thing. I want to see that you have fun with those friends and they have fun with you. It seems to be a phenomenon of online dating, which is crazy. Just a place that doesn’t suggest that we are going to be hooking up tonight, because I want her to feel comfortable. Dinner sometimes tends to be a little too much because you are committing yourself to a lot more time. e H: There was that one girl you didn’t want to kiss… I am online dating to meet someone I am interested in. e H: You did say you were looking for your next wife.

Alex Stein is a 27-year-old who has used online dating to meet more than 100 women. It is a little more informal and you are more protected with a text because you have more time to respond. e H: How long do you wait before reaching out to someone to suggest you meet offline? Messaging and texting is probably the best way to go until you feel comfortable. Not showing pictures of your friends, just showing a bunch of selfie pictures. I don’t like duck-faced pictures, where the lips are out and you’re trying to look sexy. I want to feel comfortable, so a place where we can meet up without having to worry about where this is headed after this date. MP: I never want to give it that finale because that could scare people away. I am looking for somebody who has a good understanding of who they are, that is happy with who they are, because, ultimately, I don’t believe in completing somebody.

Ladies will want to check out the series as it will provide them with an inside look at the male psyche from the beginning stages of communicating online to landing a date. Well, read on as Alex and Marcus provide answers to the burning questions you have about what men look for in a woman’s online profile, what are the red flags, does the “M” word scare them off, and much more. e H: How many women do you “talk” to online at the same time? AS: Sometimes, I use the cell-phone trick, I have a friend call me and say it is an emergency. Good luck in the future looking for love.” Marcus Pierce: e H: Do you prefer to text or call someone you met online to get to know them better? On the TV show, you had a lot of dinners, but then you got caught a lot in uncomfortable situations. It has never been bad enough where I’ve had to be rude or not be charming and a gentleman. I would normally get through the drink or dinner and connect on what we can, and then go our separate ways into the night.

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That is the most important thing to me other than the pictures.

e H: How long do you wait before reaching out to someone to suggest you meet offline? If the conversation flows easily, if I look forward to messaging with that person and it is a comfortable thing for both of us, I will feel it out and go to the next level. If someone is not happy in their own life, there is nothing you can do to make them happy. It’s finding somebody who is happy in their own life, and I am happy in mine, and if we can make it work, and marriage is the end result, great.

e H: How many women do you “talk” to online at the same time? MP: I consider myself pretty picky, so it normally ends up being one girl. e H: What are the biggest turnoffs in a woman’s profile?

I am also really busy so it is hard to spread my time out amongst many girls at one time. Don’t try to hide it by having pictures that are shoulders up and not showing everything.

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So normally, there is just one girl I am messaging with back and forth. I think you can see a lot of things in someone’s eyes. But to also own whatever shape or size you are is attractive to me. They don’t have to be super lean, or super skinny and tall. e H: Are you scared away from women who mention marriage in their profile? e H: How important is the rest of a woman’s profile (besides her pics)? Not that the pictures aren’t important, but for somebody like myself, I am into fitness, I am into sports, I am into art, and not that they have to be into all of those things, but you just want to see some sort of connection there as well. MP: Ultimately, for me that is where you want it to end. It makes it easier to have conversations and to go through things, so to have that part of the profile filled out, which most women don’t fill out — and most guys don’t either — it is important. e H: One of the things I liked was when you said that you don’t just look at a woman’s body, you look at her eyes.

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