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If you are having problems loading that chat applet such as Browers3x not found, or have problems with the scroll bars on the chat such as the rooms list not scrolling all the way down. The following are useful commands that will help you navigate through Chat-Web a little easier.Visit our Java Help Page is a person or bot there to help run a room. But a An admin is a highly qualified(usually) person or bot here to help look over the chat site. NOTICE ALL OF THE COMMANDS start with the slash(/). EXAMPLE: if you want to change your nickname to Prince_Vegeta you would type [in the text box] /nick Prince_Vegeta .

So be careful how you use it."/who" by itself displays EVERYONE on the server.Usually so fast u can not get the first half of the names."/who *g" will display everyone with a "g" ending either their NAME or their HOST."/who X*" will tell you EVERYONE on the server who's NAME or HOST starts with an X "/who *" will display EVERYONE in the room your currently in.

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