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The thought that I might have had cyber sex with my own mother was driving me crazy. Just then, 1Jean_e came on line and said she had new pics for me. Rhonda pulled back the sheet revealing my naked chest. Still, I asked, "You ever think of yourself as a Tigress? I'm more like a snake -- slide up around you without you hearing me, then I squeeze you to death." She rubbed her hand on my chest. "Go to bed, Rhonda." My sister stood up from the bed and pulled off her blouse revealing a sexy, black, lace bra. Mom was seated in a wife beater t-shirt and boxer shorts at the computer. I tried to find her under one of her psuedonyms, but I had no luck.

I got online and checked to see if 1Hot Tigress had been on since our last chat -- no activity. Jeanne and I talked then she started sending pic after pic of her playing with a dildo. "You're turning into quite the stud, Rickey." Now my sister was hitting on me. I met a couple of other girls, but I kept moving to try and see if my mother was online.

I could see from the pics that she was not a thin woman, but all I really cared about was what she was doing with that giant rubber monster she was pushing into her hole. I went to my standard search engine and logged in, nothing.

It didn't take long and I was tossing a stream out onto a new towel. I slept late and when I got up, mom and Rhonda were both gone. Creamgirl had sent me a picture and a request to meet me for coffee the next night.

After breakfast, I went up to my mom's room and did some exploring. Almost all of them had a lesbian scene and/or a threesome with a guy. From her picture, she looked pretty hot, dark hair, a full figure, great lips, everything I could want.

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I worry about her." "Mom's okay." I said and stroked her arm. "I'm bad sometimes, too." "You know..." Rhonda got thoughtful looking as she traced her finger over her breast down to her belly button. On my way back, I stopped and listened at mom's door. I went through the master bath and pushed open the door to her bedroom. "I think I need to go to bed." I got up from the bed and steered her toward her room.She let the robe drop to the floor and laid on my bed. I pushed forward and felt my cock slip between her wet folds. I was one of those guys growing up that hated my sister. Still, I never thought she was hot until this moment."Come on, Rick." I was horny and had a couple of beers. She smiled up at me and traced her fingers over her breasts. Being on top of her, looking down at her, she excited me terribly.

I stood up, still seeing my sister's lips wrapped tight around my cock. I fucked her hard and in a matter of minutes I was ready to cum. Rhonda moaned in pleasure, but she was really just about asleep.I dipped my finger in my cum and brought it up to her mouth.She sucked my finger clean and groaned that she liked the taste of cum. "I like pussy." She said with a smile, then added, "Your cum tastes good though." I grabbed the towel I had used from my shower and wiped the cum off her belly.I whispered, "But you like pussy better." "I like pussy." She mumbled back to me. I helped her up from the bed and threw the robe over her shoulders. I walked her back down the room and put her in her bed. "Goodnight, sis." She was asleep before I closed her door. Been a few times." "It's not as good as the real thing though, is it." She stated. Whatever makes you happy." "I'm older than you - you'd probably be disappointed in me." "From what you described, I doubt it.

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