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24-Nov-2018 21:26

“On a date”by David Marshis licensed under CC BY 2.0 Hoosiers live by the motto “keep it simple, stupid” in nearly every aspect of their life.So, if you’re dating a Hoosier, expect your relationship to be stress free.Many Hoosiers grow up around hunting, meaning they know their way around a shotgun.If there’s something that goes “bump” in the night, a Hoosier is a great first line of defense, always willing to protect their family, no questions asked.For evidence that Hoosiers are some of the most passionate people around, just check out the fans at any sports game.Whether they’re cheering on the Colts or their alma mater, there’s no more dedicated fan around. Every Hoosier could probably qualify as a sports announcer come March Madness.A Hoosier will have no problem showing passion towards their significant other. If you’re dating a Hoosier, their bracket advice will help you kick the snot out of all of your friends back home.

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While Indiana isn’t often thought of as an education powerhouse nationwide, this misconception can be easily debunked.With instate universities like Purdue, Notre Dame, Role-Hulman, Indiana University, and many more, the Hoosier State has some of the best higher education options around.If you’re dating a Hoosier, there’s a pretty good chance that they’re quite the smart cookie, with a great career to match.Every Hoosier has a few family recipes up their sleeves that they can whip out for date night.