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22-Oct-2018 17:49

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Evolution has been an ongoing process, and somewhere along the line, our blood groups too underwent the evolutionary process.O blood type gave way to A, B, and AB groups in both positive and negative variants.

Like a type O group there is overproduction of catecholamine, e.g. However, there is also the type B tendency of rapid nitrous oxide clearing, which means there are physical consequences and reactions to emotions, particularly hostility and anger.Exercise then becomes the best way to keep stress at bay and maintain an emotional balance.A combination of aerobic and low impact like tai chi or yoga in a 3:2 ratio will give the best results.AB blood types have a mixed inheritance in their digestive abilities too.

Type A has low stomach acid issues, which make it difficult for them to handle meat.

However, AB has the characteristics of type A low acid and type B adaptability.

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