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Its sound varies somewhat from the English k, sound to that of the t, according as the enunciation is made at the end of the tongue or near the root. kāmalū, to do evil to another in secret; to forbid, warn in secret...); • to murder; murderous; murderer, dead shot.

It is difficult to make Hawaiians perceive the difference between the English sounds of k and t. O ke koko ka (mea) i hana i kalahala, the blood the (thing) it makes atonement; that is, the thing which makes; o ka pono wale no ka i oi mamua o ka hewa, righteousness only is the thing (that which) excels wickedness. For [Ka hana ʻia ʻana o ka makau me ka ʻāpana iwi mai. Ka uhau ʻana iho me ka ikaika i kekahi mea e like me ke kā ʻana i ka hoe i loko o ke kai no ka hoe ʻana, ke kā ʻana i ke kaula lele i lele ʻia e nā kamaliʻi, a me ke kā ʻana i kekahi i ke kēhau o luna o nā meakanu i ke kapa i ke kakahiaka nui i paʻa ka wai i loko o ke kapa a ʻuī ʻia mai i wai inu.

land section, village, elementary school, point, and stream, Waikāne and Kahana qds., Oʻahu. Street, Mōʻiliʻili, Honolulu, named for John Kaʻaha (died about 1940), principal of Kalihi Kai School; he built a home at Mōʻiliʻili quarry. There are good things about this episode, but the script (by Jerome Coopersmith! At the beginning, local criminal kingpin Piro Manoa (Michael Ansara), who Five-O have been after for six or seven years, knocks off his old friend Johnny Resko (Harry Williams).Two days later, Resko has some of his pals send a "voice from the dead" letter to Mc Garrett which tells of three things that can be used against Manoa, connected with the 1968 murder of Anna Royoto: 1) the gun used to kill her, now in the safe at Resko's apartment; 2) a tape, in the attic of Resko's brother's beach house, where Royoto begs Manoa not to kill her over ,000 she owed him; and the name of a witness to the murder, Sylvia Chang, who was hiding in the next room when the murder took place.

When Five-O go to investigate all three of these things, they are stymied: Resko's place has been trashed and the safe emptied; the brother's beach house has been torched; and Sylvia Chang is found dead, hanging from the ceiling in her apartment.Because the contents of Resko's letter were divulged only in front of Five-O and Manicote's staff, it is obvious that someone from those two outfits spilled the beans.Duke, who has been liaising with Five-O, at least with the name of "Duke", only for some shows in the previous season, gets the finger pointed at him as the one who leaked the information. Instead, he is dragged into some mess of financial impropriety to do with dealings in Sand 'n Surf Condominiums Inc., where he is alleged to have invested ,000 (400 shares at 0 each) three years before when the company was set up.Dividends from this investment were received by Duke who deposited them in an account with the Outer Islands Federal Bank and then transferred the money to another account in the specific amount of ,200 on August 11, 1972.

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