Dating match making form

26-Dec-2018 17:03

Allen Matchmaking and a mutual decision to proceed, you and Janine will meet somewhere mutually beneficial.

Janine works with your schedule to help with efficiency and speed.

During this initial meeting, which typically lasts at least one hour, you and Janine will discuss specific details about you including your family life, past relationships, and what you are seeking in a potential partner. Agreements are based upon either the number of introductions or the amount of time you will work together, which can include unlimited introductions.

These will be discussed with you during your meeting and is based around what works best for your lifestyle.

Once the Agreement is in place, Janine will begin the search.

She begins in her database, The Matchmaking Club, where others can sign up for free and potentially meet paying clients but other than that, she recruits!

Janine has over 9 years of recruiting experience outside of matchmaking and networks wherever it takes to find the right introduction for you.

Types of recruiting includes social media, advertising, and traditional networking. She is actively interviewing potential dates for you behind the scenes, which will take some time between introductions.

Once all parties are on board, Janine arranges up the date.

If it is a place or time that requires a reservation, she will make it under the man’s name.

If a dinner date, both parties always meet at the host area and should never be seated prior to the arrival of the other.

The day of your date, both parties are provided with the other’s cell phone number.

This is only to be used prior to a date if you are late, can’t find the person, etc.

The only information that is available to your date is your name, the type of work you do, if you have children, the area of MA or FL you live, and your cell phone number.

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