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05-Feb-2019 20:58

It's easy to find good domestic beer at a fair price. Some might think it's like craft beer -- expensive and esoteric -- but in fact a wide array of affordable and accessible imports can be found nationwide. Harp is a crisp, easy-drinking lager that might make some Americans wish it were as available as Budweiser. Marketers resolved the issue by switching to the signature squat design people had seen when traveling in Jamaica.Although prices vary by location, many are actually cheaper than, or about the same as, a six-pack of beers such as Budweiser. It's made by Guinness, which started brewing Harp in the 1960s as beer drinkers in Europe began drinking more lager. This easygoing Jamaican lager actually got off to a rough start when exports to the U. Considering its broad appeal and affordability, Red Stripe is a safe choice when supplying beer for a get-together.Although Harp is promoted as an Irish product, the bottles that make it to the U. Famous for its beachfront commercials, this pale lager is usually served with a wedge of lime or lemon to bring some tartness to its light flavor.Corona means "crown," which is appropriate given that it's the most popular imported beer in the U. With its sharp and tangy taste, the Mexican lager Tecate might not have as broad an appeal as Corona or Red Stripe.But for the price -- usually cheaper than Corona -- it's a solid choice for a summer beer.

That means you might want to steal a note from Corona and consider adding a wedge of lime or lemon.

This German pilsner might be a bit hard to find in the U. König has a solid golden color that hints at being just a tad heavier than American pilsners, but many agree it is the superior choice, with subtle flavors and just the right amount of carbonation.

Just a few coins more expensive than Budweiser, Heineken is the second-best-selling imported beer in the U.

S., with about 1 million in sales during 2017, according to the Beverage Industry trade journal.

With its hard-to-miss green bottle and red star logo, Heineken dominates the international beer market and is sold in more than 170 countries.

And though it might be a bit bland, it's an easy introduction to imported beers for those accustomed only to domestic products.

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