Dating vintage celestion speakers

23-Nov-2018 06:51

Speakers are extremely important when we are talking about tone. This article will be a (maybe not so) small post about the history of Celestion, as well as a brief description of each model they produced over the years. I’ll simply feature the ones that I think are the most popular and most widely used models. Early years and the G12 Al Ni Co Celestion started as a manufacturer of speakers for general use (radio, TV, etc.) back in the 1920s.They give the amp its “voice” and so, in order to get the right sound, you will need to use the right speaker. In 1947, it was bought by British Rola and, one year later, production moved to Thames Ditton.Al Ni Co Blue 15w (as used by VOX) It wasn’t until the 1950s that Celestion developed their first guitar dedicated speaker: the G12 Al Ni Co T530 (a.k.a.“Blue”), basically a modified version of the CT3757 radio speaker.These first speakers went through quite a few changes (also appearing in different colours like silver, chrome and red – also with different codes) during the early years, but they remained with a low (in today’s standards) 15w (20w in latter versions) power handling and with both 8ohms and 15ohms options. With the 100db sensitivity, it was a very “loud” speaker.It was also bright, lively and had a more restrained bottom end.

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G12M Early 20w G12M 25w 75hz Celestion first introduced the G12M (medium 35oz ceramic magnet) around 1965 with a power handling of 20w, with options of 8ohms or 15ohms and a resonance frequency of 55hz (bass cone) or 75hz (lead cone).

Around 1968, the G12M became a 25w speaker and the label of the 15ohm version also changed to 16ohm at some point.

Still, they are vintage amps requiring service and maintenance. Speakers, tubes and caps needs to be replaced and these will affect the tone a lot.… continue reading »

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I've looked online for Celestion date codes, but the numbers on the speakers don't quite make sense. Anyhoo, the speakers are Greenbacks from a.… continue reading »

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