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You don’t have to commit to anything while you are browsing our member’s profiles. Co has connected many individuals who wish to have a baby but cannot fulfill their parenting dream alone (for instance, single women or homosexual couples) with individuals who share the same desire, whether they prefer to co-parent or simply to donate their sperm without becoming involved in the child’s upbringing.You can send messages, chat and ask questions to the other members that interest you with no hidden obligations. With our comprehensive database and large membership, our website is the perfect place for those looking for free sperm donors eager to help people to have a baby alone.Co Parents is a great tool for LGBTQ couples or singles who wish to have and raise a child thanks to sperm donation.Co-parenting, also called shared parenting, is when two or more persons bring up a child without being in a romantic relationship.With Co, you are able to look for a co-parent who matches your expectations regarding your future child’s upbringing.Although your future child will grow up in two different homes, they will be raised and cared for by dedicated, loving parents. Some people do not wish their surrogate mother or sperm donor to play a role in their child’s upbringing.Some men may wish to donate their sperm but aren't looking to raise a child.Some are homosexual singles or couples who want to become a father but cannot do so on their own.

Things that could be important are: Ethnicity – As an example, white couples searching for a sperm donor who would like their child to resemble them as closely as possible should specify that the anonymous donor must be Caucasian.Additionally, learning the culture of your child’s donor (if different from your own) could be useful, as they will probably ask questions about their origins when they grow up.Religion – While looking for a co-parent, the question of religion and belief is important to consider.Being raised between two or more parents with different beliefs can be quite difficult for your child to manage.