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10-Oct-2018 17:38

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A change from previous generations, only about half of my friends are married right now.

” And if that search isn’t going well it can be really, really frustrating.

Have you heard of Erikson’s Psychosocial Development Theory? isolation period where we are looking for romance and asking, “Will I be loved?

In our twenties we are pretty hardwired to be searching for a partner.

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I have done some really necessary growing up in the past few years, and I definitely haven’t always made the best choices about my relationships.One of my therapists liked to call that “partner choice” – her polite way of saying, Of course it’s not that the people were terrible, they just weren’t right for me.I wasn’t always good about making sure I was getting what I really wanted. I’m a people pleaser by nature, but over the past few years I’ve found that you have to say no and have some boundaries in order to get what is best for you. I’m in a weird position because I’m in medical school where I am older than 99% of my classmates.I thought I was keeping the peace and being understanding, but really I was totally neglecting my own needs. They range from 23-26 on average, though there are a few closer to my age.