Dave grohl dating frances bean

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It actually completely makes sense that Wal-Mart would sell items like guns and cigarettes, but not media objectionable material.

Here's why: Wal-mart didn't want to sell items with messages in them that may promote dangerous behavior if they were going to sell items that could be USED for dangerous behavior.

To anyone saying that this Song is Teen Spirit or Polly backwards and writing wrong chords: Rape me chords are A C E G , Teen Spirit F A# G# C# and Polly E G D C.

Yes Smells Like Teen Spirit and Rape Me are similar, but they dont have the same chords.

Anyway, it's a fantastic song The industry hype around Cobain as a 'genius' is just marketing crap spewed out all year , every year, by all the people still selling the Nirvana brand.

Rape me was not about fame, and dealing with media etc., because it was written before Cobain even became famous.

Rape Me was written before Nirvana became famous on the their first popular album 'Nevermind'.

All the crap about it having been written in reaction to paparazzi etc. Nirvana were an unknown little bar band traveling around in vans when Rape Me was written.

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Cobain was given the lyrics to the song which he later named Smells Like Teen Spirit in 1986, and formed Nirvana later that year.The lyrics had been given to him anonymously, and Cobain had no way of finding the author of the lyrics.Cobain tried to rewrite the lyrics , keeping parts of the original and adding his own.Then he looked into copyright law later and found out he was screwed if he kept even one of the lines of the original lyrics which had been given to him.

So Cobain had to scrap the lyrics and rewrite the song lyrics entirely, and the song Rape Me was the result. Cobain originally polanned to put Rape Me on Nevermind instead of Smells Like Teen Spirit, but when found out that producer Butch Vig would allow him to mix Smells Like Teen Spirit himself and conceal the lyrics, he changed his mind and opted to record Smells Like Teen Spirit using the lyrics which had been given to him, knowing that he could slur the words and bury the lyrics in distortion so that the original lyric writer would never even hear the words. imo, It is the view and perspective of a broken spirit who has become resigned to being physically and socially dominated and a comment on the 'forced intimacy' which being a 'soul singer' entails.

That is why the music and sequence structure of the two songs are so similar (quiet verses building to loud chorus and then backto quiet verses, plus the final repeated two word climax of the song at the end , screaming 'Rape Me! Opening your heart and soul to strangers, the penultimate 'media whore'.

Frances Bean Cobain born August 18, 1992 is an American visual artist, model and the only child of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain and Hole frontwoman Courtney Love.… continue reading »

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Apr 12, 2012. Frances Bean Cobain has responded to her mother Courtney Love's Twitter rant accusing Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl of 'hitting' on her estranged daughter. The 19-year-old told Lifeline Live 'While I'm generally silent on the affairs of my biological mother, her recent tirade has taken a gross turn.'.… continue reading »

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Apr 11, 2014. It wasn't always sour between the Foos frontman and the Hole star. When Courtney Love married Kurt Cobain in Hawaii in 1992, just just eight people were in attendance,and none of them were family. Kurt's best friend and Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic did not attend because Krist thought Kurt heavily.… continue reading »

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Apr 12, 2012. Courtney Love has accused singer Dave Grohl of having sex with her daughter, Frances Bean. Stick with us, and we'll explain some more, now we've got our heads around this ourselves. "I hear from Frannies roommate that @davegrohl hit on Frances, and that she was curious, I'm not mad at her, him I am.… continue reading »

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Apr 12, 2012. Yesterday, bloggers were tittering after Courtney Love Tweet-ranted that Dave Grohl, her husband's ex-bandmate and the nicest guy in rock, had “hit on” her daughter, Frances Bean Cobain. Dave's publicist denied it, Dave denied it, and the world pretty much refused to believe the guy in the “Big Me” video.… continue reading »

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