Failed when validating user through authentication service

24-Feb-2019 07:33

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They are objects representing business data, rules and logic.

You can create model classes by extending yii\base\Model or its child classes.

The base class yii\base\Model supports many useful features: Info: You are not required to base your model classes on yii\base\Model.

However, because there are many Yii components built to support yii\base\Model, it is usually the preferable base class for a model. Each attribute is like a publicly accessible property of a model.

The method yii\base\Model::attributes() specifies what attributes a model class has.

You can access an attribute like accessing a normal object property: You may override yii\base\Model::attributes() to define attributes in a different way.

The method should return the names of the attributes in a model.

For example, yii\db\Active Record does so by returning the column names of the associated database table as its attribute names.

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When displaying values or getting input for attributes, you often need to display some labels associated with attributes.For example, given an attribute named which is more user-friendly when displayed to end users in places such as form inputs and error messages.You can get the label of an attribute by calling yii\base\Model::get Attribute Label().For example, By default, attribute labels are automatically generated from attribute names.

The generation is done by the method yii\base\Model::generate Attribute Label().It will turn camel-case variable names into multiple words with the first letter in each word in upper case.For example, model may be used to collect user login inputs, but it may also be used for the user registration purpose.In different scenarios, a model may use different business rules and logic.

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