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“BFE” means “butt-fucking Egypt,” referring to the suburbs, or somewhere else that you never visit.Literally, it means “drug and disease free,” but it more accurately means “I’ve never been tested,” and when followed by “UB2” it means “I’d rather give you something than you give me something.” “FWB” or “friends with benefits” are people who have sex with each other but do not love each other; the equivalent of a traditional heterosexual marriage except with sex.“PFLAG” is where you send your homophobic parents to get de-programmed after you come out to them.P&C — Private and Confidential PITA — Pain in the A**REHI — Hi, again RUOK — Are You OK?QQ — Crying (often humorously)SFSG — So Far So Good SLT — Something Like That SOL — Sh** Out of Luck SUP — What’s up?4Q — F*** You VCDA — Vaya Con Dios, Amigo VSF — Very Sad Face WDYM — What Do You Mean?“LTR” means “long term relationship,” which he will say he is desperately looking for, unless he isn’t that in to you, in which case he will say he isn’t really predisposed to long-term relationships and that must have been a typo.“GSA” stands “for gay-straight alliance,” which is the club where all the queer college students who will drag college out until they’re 40 hang out.

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Photographer Parker Day captured models through her signature campy, saturated lens, with subjects recreating notables, including bisexual painter Frida Khalo, political drag queen José Sarria and openly lesbian tennis player Billie Jean King.

Here, the green circle indicates a route that can be used by trucks carrying such materials.

road signs to indicate routes where hazardous materials may be carried.

She refused to perform to racially segregated audiences, and spoke next to Martin Luther King Jr.

American artist who led the Pop Art movement starting in the late ‘50s through the ‘80s.

His sexuality deeply influenced his work, which introduced the public to queer themes and gay culture on a large scale.