Intimidating boss

17-Sep-2018 19:36

rights” entitle union-represented employees to request the presence of a Union Steward during any interview that an employee reasonably believes could lead to discipline. Usually, your boss will not tell you about these rights.

Supreme Court case, , which the California Supreme Court has extended to public employees.

If you want a Steward to accompany you to a meeting with management, you must make the request yourself.

If you aren’t sure what the purpose of a meeting is, ask your boss if the meeting could result in discipline.

According to a 2004 decision by the California Public Employment Relations Board (PERB Decision No.1648), if a boss denies an employee’s request for union representation by promising that the meeting will not lead to discipline, that employee cannot be disciplined for anything said in the meeting.If this happens to you, we recommend sending an e-mail to your supervisor to document his or her statement in writing.Since every situation is different, we always recommend that you consult your steward or our Contract Enforcement Department if you have questions.

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Some do so obliviously, while others smugly manipulate their employees, using them as instruments of their own success.Regardless of their methods, bad bosses cause irrevocable damage to their companies and employees by hindering performance and creating unnecessary stress.The stress your boss causes is bad for your health.Multiple studies have found that working for a bad boss increases your chance of having a heart attack by as much as 50%.