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26-Jan-2019 16:36

i Tunes is an app that Apple never intended to make for Windows.

When you are converting large collection of songs to ACC format, you will notice that after a few conversions the whole process slows down.

This is because after each change the i Tunes User Interface gets updated(which takes forever when converting large collections).

So how to speed up the conversion and disable i Tunes User Interface from getting updated? Most users love Smart Playlist feature, if you are one of them then you can skip this part otherwise removing it can result in 3 times faster startup speed.

Simply go to Edit and select Preferences, now let it remain open until all conversions are complete. If you would give up anything for speed, then you must remove all Smart Playlists and restart i Tunes to feel the improved performance.

When a device is connected, i Tunes automatically starts syncing which is quite annoying.It can also result in your i Tunes getting freeze up for a full 30 seconds or more.Users don’t always connect the devices such as i Phone and i Pods for the purpose of transferring songs.What if you only want to charge your i Phone or use tools such as, i Phone Explorer to transfer files?

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