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Before my skin does a number on it, it smells cool and crisp with a delicious white chocolate note.

The drydown is much better but I would love if the top notes worked on me too. Also, since I have the dab bottle I can't put it on my clothes, so take in to consideration that if I got a bottle/decant of the EDP, I could just spray it on my clothes. After a tart citrus burst settles into a polished, well-tailored, almost gourmand balsamic floral.

This is one of those smooth, melded fragrances where it's difficult to pick out individual notes, but the overall effect is one of a very up to date refinement.

Patchouli forms the heart of the structure, along with the benzoin and the rest of the base.

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However, the frankincense and incense give it a church-like high note that keeps it from sinking too deep.Appealing to mainstream tastes while offering a complexity and deftness that satisfies aficionados. Let me start off by saying this: I do not like patchouli. So with that out of the way I shall review COROMANDEL!This thing has a multiple personality disorder, which suits me well as long as they all match up with my own 10 personalities... I'll wait for something pungent and disgusting to show itself and that'll be my perfect escape to go back to my beloved Une Rose...From first whiff to 5 hours later on skin I have smelled the following: Chocolate Vanilla Dirt-like wet soil kinda dirt Leather And something VERY faint "flowery"-something... Serious sidenote: I don't really know ANYTHING fancy about perfumes!