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John Cho shakes his head and chuckles as he walks past a neon orange sign that reads, well, boobies.

He has just arrived at Bounce Sporting Club, a sports bar in the Flatiron District that has been turned into a “Boobies” – ’s version of Hooters.

The monitors mounted above the bar are playing fake sports footage on loop as extras cluster in groups off to the side: men in sweaters and button-downs and women in Boobies-brand tank tops, cutoffs, and shin-high soccer socks. It’s Cho’s second day on the set of ’s third season, where he’s doing a five-episode guest arc (the first of which airs today) as Todd, Billy’s (Billy Eichner) first-ever, real-life boyfriend. It’s fast, it’s honest, but it is elevated, and reminds me of romantic comedies of the ’30s.

Shooting out of order and working up to the kiss though has allowed the two of them to work into their chemistry, especially considering the first time that Cho and Eichner ever met was on set.“I feel like there’s going to be a stepladder involved,” says Cho. My first stage kiss was a dude and that’s what I remember — all the scruff. I would demand a shaving.’” But Cho is already being territorial about being Billy’s man: The two actors met on set the day prior when it just so happened that another friend of the show, and former Billy boo, Seth Meyers ran into them.John Cho was born with his birth name as John Yohan Cho who was born in June 16, 1972 and he is 43 years old. Currently, John is living in Los Angeles, California and he is belonging from the year 1997 till the current phase being as an actor as well as successful musician by his profession.He is working in American film industry and his working in Harold & Kumar is dictated as a best performance made by him till today.