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The Super Bowl halftime show is part of the most-watched TV event of the year.Sometimes, it's viewed more than the game itself, which is why the choice of performer is important: it's the biggest stage in the country.This year, Justin Timberlake was chosen to perform for the third time.He appeared once with NSYNC in 2001 and again alongside Janet Jackson in 2004. After a year that was so politically charged (especially within the NFL), the choice of Justin Timberlake seemed like a miss.

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Gavin De Graw, Joss Stone, and the Cold War Kids joined forces in Ashbury Park, NJ on Saturday for a concert benefiting The Surfrider Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to the protection of the world's oceans, beaches, and waves, hosted by Barefoot Wine.

Music, surf, and wine seems like a match made in heaven.