Michael clarke duncan dating

18-Sep-2018 00:41

Remember that nasty piece of work Omarosa, from the first season of The Apprentice and later on Celebrity Apprentice?

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, November 22, 2010] I checked Omarosa and Michael Clarke Duncan’s twitter accounts and they’re constantly tweeting about how much they love each other.

They also came out to an event together a couple of months ago, with Duncan gushing about how smart Omarosa is.

I completely missed that, or maybe I willfully forgot about it. Omarosa seems like she’d be a worse mother than Kate Gosselin, but maybe she’s changed.

You can bet she’ll try and spin a baby and her relationship with Duncan into some kind of reality show.

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BEVERLY HILLS — Geoff Stults says that no matter how big, tough and hard his friend Michael Clarke Duncan might have looked on TV, he had at least one large secret soft spot: his "creepy six cats." Stults co-starred with Duncan in the 2011 Fox series "The Finder" and they remained close through Duncan's death last September, two months after he suffered a heart attack.

"I was at the hospital the day it happened and then was one of his pallbearers," Stults said.