Niall horan confirms dating demi lovato black and latino speed dating

21-Oct-2018 19:19

There have been rumors that Niall Horan and Hailee Steinfeld are dating ever since he called her “the loveliest person on the planet” on her birthday in December.

The musicians further sparked that speculation by going to the West End production of together just after the new year and then seeing the Backstreet Boys concert in Las Vegas the following month. It’s not far from the O2 Academy where the “Slow Hands” crooner performed on March 22. “It’s true that Hailee and Niall are dating, but at this point it’s still pretty casual,” a source explains.

I'm not going to date anybody for a whole year,” she said, but implied that the two had discussed something romantic when she added, “And I made that clear to him.” Cowell, not completely buying it, then asked, “Have you kissed him?

Despite the fact that Simon Cowell is old enough to be Demi Lovato's estranged great-uncle, he flirted with her as if they're peers.

While I understand that the judges need to have some kind of chemistry between them for these shows to work, I think his conversation with her last week about her not-boyfriend-but-maybe-boyfriend Niall Horan from One Direction came off pretty creepy.

” That question left Demi a bit smiley, but still she still assured him nothing has happened between them.

Demi’s being spurred on by Simon [Cowell], who finds the whole thing very amusing.

In case you’re wondering, you aren’t being tricked that Hollywood’s cutest young couple could remain inseparable forever.

One Direction fans freaked out last week when rumors leaked about Niall and Demi Skyping! Niall confirms it IT'S TRUE. Nobody was sure if Demi Lovato and.… continue reading »

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