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Beneath the grey hair, he has the air of an oversized child.He is powerfully built and hardened by years of brutality, but he bounces into the room with a puppy-like enthusiasm.Anne Maguire's nephew, Gerry Conlon, had been wrongly accused of carrying out the 1974 IRA bombing of a pub in Guildford that left five people dead.

Patrick and Vincent were given sentences of four and five years respectively; their parents 14 years; their uncles and Patrick O'Neill 12 years.

The Maguire Seven all served their sentences apart from Guiseppe Conlon, who died in prison in 1980.

In 1991 the Court of Appeal quashed their convictions after it ruled the evidence was unsafe.

When Patrick was arrested, a policeman turned to him and whispered: "By the time you get out of prison, you'll be an old man.

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And you'll not see your mum and dad again." "That was the moment my childhood ended," Patrick says.He was told over and over that he was guilty and that it would be better if he just admitted it.He was bewildered and barely understood the charges against him.After his arrest he was out on bail for over a year, while his parents were remanded in custody until the trial.