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Aztec Ruins National Monument (Aztec, NM) [**] Principal Ruins: Aztec ruin (400-room, 9-kiva pueblo); restored/ recreated great kiva; several other sites not open to public Access: /person entrance fee. Here's a Virtual Reality Model of Aztec Ruins Bandelier National Monument {Anasazi) (near Los Alamos, NM) [***] Principal Ruins: Tyuonyi (large pueblo), Long House (cliff dwelling), Ceremonial Cave (and recreated kiva); Stone Lions (still a Indian religious site); Painted Cave. Many ruins available via a short hike through Frijoles Canyon.Open 8am-6pm June-August; 8am-5pm rest of the year. Information: Visitor's Center open 8am-6pm June - August, 8am-pm rest of year. Casamero Ruins (near Prewitt, NM) [* NPE] Principal Ruins: small pueblo (occupied 1000-1125 AD) and unexcavated great kiva.Information: Visitor's Center; Contact Superintendent, Aztec Ruins National Monument, P. Access: take Exit 63 off I-40 at Prewitt, then east of exit junction of US Hwy 66, Mc Kinley County Road 19 leads north to the Plains Escalante Generating Station. Information: Chaco Culture National Historical Park [*****] Principal Ruins: Pueblo Bonito, Great Kiva of Casa Rinconada; Chetro Ketl, Una Vida, Hungo Pavi, Kin Kletso, Casa Chaquita, Pueblo del Arroyo; also Sun Dagger Solar/Lunar Observatory (on Fajada Butte - not accessible); over 3.500 recorded sites (most not accessible) Access: /vehicle entrance fee.Access to the Park is via long dirt roads: From the north, Chaco can be reached by turning off NM Hwy.44 at Nageezi and following San Juan County Road 7800 for 11 miles to New Mexico Hwy 57; the Visitor's center is 15 miles ahead on Hwy 57.

Information: Visitor's Center open 8am - 6pm June-August; 8am-5pm rest of year. Located on SR 53, 40 mi west of Grants and 30 miles east of Zuni, NM. self-guiding 1.25 mile hike; guided tours available on request. Pueblitos of Dinetah (ne of Farmington, NM) [* NPE] Principal Ruins: 8 small pueblos dating from 1715 to 1754.

Contact: Superintendent, Chaco Culture National Historic Park, Star Route 4, Box 6500, Bloomfield, NM 87413. Coronado State Monument (near Bernalillo, NM) [* NPE] Principal Ruins: Kuaua Pueblo; reconstructed kiva with murals Access: entrance fee. Information: Contact Superintendent, El Morro National Monument, Rt. Information: Visitors Center open 8am-6pm June-Aug., 8-5 rest of year. Poshuouinga Ruins {ancient Pueblos) (near Abiquiu, NM) [* NPE] Principal Ruins: large pueblo (over 700 ground-floor rooms surrounding 2 large plazas with a large kiva in larger plaza) Access: located on US Hwy 84 2.5 mi. Information: Petroglyph National Monument (Albuquerque, NM) [*] Principal Ruins: over 15,000 petroglyphs (most dating from 1300 AD to 1680 AD, but some dating back 3000 years) Access: No entrance fee. Access: get detailed directions from BLM; the ruins are only accessible via long drives on dirt roads.

Information: Bureau of Land Management phone 505-761-4505 or 505- 327-5344.

Puye' Cliff Dwellings {ancient ) [** NPE] Principal Ruins: combination of cliff dwellings and mesa top pueblos believed to originally have over 1,000 rooms. 11 miles west of Espanola via New Mexico Roads 30 and 5 in the Santa Clara Indian Rservation.

) [* NPE] Principal Ruins: some 20,000 petroglyphs dating from 900 AD to 1400 AD.

Access: go 30 miles north of Alamagordo on US Hwy 54; turn east at the Three Rivers intersection and go 5 miles to the site.