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A Sirius Talk It was Boxing Day 1995 and Harry lay in his bedroom at 12 Grimmauld Place, reading his Transfiguration book in a futile attempt to get started on Professor Mc Gonagall's homework.He had begun to believe that it was an exercise in frustration when Sirius interrupted him."Um Harry..." Sirius said with an uncharacteristic uncertainty in his voice."What's up," Harry asked, looking up from his book. "Is this a bad time," Sirius asked, eyeing the book in Harry's lap."Hey, anything over homework. " Sirius cocked his head as he collected his thoughts. Do not, I repeat: , grab her breasts without explicit permission.I thought you of all people could agree on that," Harry grinned."Of course," Sirius grinned in return as he sat in the armchair opposite Harry."Actually, Harry, you're 15 now and I did give your dad a to you...about certain things...concerning girls," Sirius started with a smirk. I learned that one the hard way during an intense snog with an perfectly wonderful Hufflepuff in my year. I have yet to meet a woman who's happy with her tummy. Maybe if you're married one day, but for a good snog-don't go there."Hey, there are all sorts out there..whatever makes two..a bunch of people...happy as long as it's voluntary it's fine by me," Sirius said defensively, working his way toward the intended subject for ," Harry replied with a grimace."Figuratively speaking," Sirius added with a huge grin. Sirius wouldn't let him off the hook until he confessed, and the longer he waited, the greater the risk Sirius would make an attempt to take the Mickey out of him. I think I might possibly have a girlfriend," Harry replied confidently."Possibly..." Sirius asked signing for Harry to go on."We ended up under the mistletoe and..know." Harry gestured with his hand as if to indicate rolling."Good. So let me ask you: what are your plans..more importantly, who is she," Sirius asked eagerly."Cho Chang, Ravenclaw, sixth year, Seeker, and one of the most popular and hottest girls at Hogwarts," Harry answered with a slight blush."Wow, you're aiming for the stars, there, Harry," Sirius chuckled. That turned out to be awkward in the classes we shared.""Sirius! On the other hand, if you tell her you like it despite some sponginess, you're also toast.""Damned if you do, damned if you don't." Harry assumed."Right. Ruined a night on the Astronomy Tower for me." Sirius caught his breath after this important warning, and then, with a barely restrained smile he went in for the kill.

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I have no plans to grab Cho's breasts," Harry huffed and immediately regretted it as he felt the flush rise in his cheeks. Harry was well on his way to a full-on Weasley blush. " Harry sighed and ran his hands through his hair in a lame attempt to regain some self control, primarily over his facial colour."Only in my Animagus form," Sirius grinned. "See, first thing that happens is that she, the witch she is, will ask you if you like her belly, and that sets the trap. "Now, once you get permission northward, I have to point out that is the wrong approach altogether.

"Harry, it's normal to want to grab them.""I guess..." Harry admitted."See..." Sirius said."Excuse me, but aren't these talks supposed to discourage me from taking an interest in girls until I'm at least thirty," Harry asked in a second attempt to gain some control of this sex-talk fencing match."Maybe if it's father-son talking. You can say you like it, but then she urges you to be honest with her, that her belly is somewhat spongy.""But I don't think Cho's tummy's spongy at all. Be gentle...""Uh, all right..." Harry said again feeling a blush rise, allowing Sirius to regain the upper hand."Did you ever get hit in the nuts-the family jewels," Sirius asked with a hint of a wince."Well, yes.

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