Social skills training dating

03-Nov-2018 17:41

Whatever your native social skills capabilities may be, you can improve them with practice.

When it is not possible to role play with other people, you can turn to an alternative strategy, which is to role play by yourself.Tape or video record yourself practicing a speech, or asking someone out, and then listen to or watch yourself afterwards so as to critique your own performance. The lack of a partner makes it difficult to truly simulate an interaction, and, as a socially unskilled person, you are not in the best position to give yourself the sort of feedback you really need to know how best to improve.Still, every bit of practice helps to improve actual performance A variation on the theme of role playing is called Fixed Role Therapy.In fixed role therapy you act as though you have certain characteristics that you aspire to have, but don't currently have.

For a period of time set by yourself, you pretend to have these desired characteristics as you go about your life and interact with people.For example, if you are a shy person, you act as though you are more outgoing.The purpose of fixed role therapy is not to help you develop a fake personality, but rather to allow you the experience (and practice) of living your life from another perspective which you would normally never consider.The artificiality of the task tends to free people up to take it on.