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25-Feb-2019 18:05

Is it really a good idea to bring a kid to a casino?

It may not be tops on your list for a family vacation, but it is definitely worth looking into. Every once in a while, my family takes a weekend trip to Paragon Casino Resort in Marksville, LA. I used ‘casino’ and ‘family’ in the same sentence, something I thought I’d never do.

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Since it was five minutes until eight, we knew the swimming option was out for the night.

My daughter (age 9 at the time) was dying to go to Kids Quest, a supervised children’s activity center.

Her brother (age 11 then) wasn’t as excited, but he agreed to check it out for my readers.

This allowed The Mister and I to enjoy dinner for two at one of the many restaurants available at the resort.

Reservations are strongly recommended at Legend’s Steakhouse.

We tried to get in, but there was an hour wait, which found us ending up at Roxy’s, a fifties-style diner to enjoy burgers and shakes.