Updating knotty pine kitchen cabinets

05-Mar-2019 19:06

When fact of the matter is: Old wood, including knotty pine, in old houses can be absolutely *charming*. — any modern-day decorating powers-that-be who want us to believe that the old paneling in old houses is absolutely *hideous*.Just ask all the readers over on my main blog Retro Renovation, who have embraced their knotty pine kitchens, dens, sun porches, basements, bedrooms — bathrooms, even: Knotty pine wherever they find it in their vintage homes.They are adding lots of retro touches — barkcloth curtains, braided rugs, tiki lamps, nubbly sofas, retro wallpaper, whatever — having a blast in their warmy, comfy, cozy, happy spaces.They’re also saving lots of money, too, by avoiding unnecessary renovation expense. Yes: You have permission to love the knotty pine in your home, without apology. So take your shoes off, pull up a chair, and let’s learn all about the knotty, together, right here on this friendly little website. Above: That’s Betty Crafter in her gorgeous knotty pine kitchen, respectfully restored.

First off, use a piece of sandpaper to carefully sand the cabinets in smooth, even strokes.The will help smooth out the texture of the pine, ultimately making it easier for your primer and paint to adhere.Once you've finished sanding the cabinets, use a pine-safe wood filler to fill in any deep holes.Then, after allowing the filler to dry for the amount of time specified on the product's packaging, use your sandpaper to very carefully smooth it out.

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Having thoroughly sanded your cabinets, you will now need to rid them of dust before beginning the primer application.This can be accomplished with the aid of a feather duster, mini vac or a lightly dampened washcloth or paper towel.After purging every last trace of dust from your cabinets, place painter's tape along the cabinets' edges to prevent primer and/or paint from leaking into the surrounding areas.Now that you've completed all the necessary preparations, it's time to begin the primer application.