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29-Nov-2018 09:41

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giving up on dating

Quite possibly my first ex who married after we dated.When we met many years ago, I had ended a relationship with a man who wasn't good to me.In contrast, the newly nuptialed treated me very well.He was a good man with a heart of gold and a soul to match. I stayed with him because of his goodness which meant the world to me after my prior relationship. To see someone you love at full happy capacity, when you haven't seen this prior, assures me that the right thing happened.But just because he was a good man and was good to me didn't mean he was right for me. Knowing he is this happy with his new wife warms my heart.We had wonderful times and were deeply connected despite compatibility issues. I am so content that we freed each other up to find our soul mates.

So I met up with a friend, smitten over a former boyfriend who recently found his way back into her life via facebook. I am very happy for her..cautiously optimistic because I care.

They live at different ends of the state and are moving quickly (read: an imminent relo may soon be...

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